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The skills we are looking for :

Are you good at standing up against injustice?

Are you good at resolving tricky situations?

Are you inquisitive and analytical?
Do you have a good track recording at getting compensation, gestures of goodwill if things go wrong?

The typical profiles for the job:

Are you an under graduate looking for a part time job?

Are you employed but need an extra job?

Are you looking for a part time job?



Key Skills:

Track record in getting compensations and gesture of goodwill for yourself

Analytical, polite, and customer focused

Mastering multi tasking 

True fighter, No give up culture!

Excellent spoken and written english, other European language/s is a huge plus


Turn disgruntled customers into happy bunnies!

Understand customers’ complaint background, gather details from the customers

Approach the business the customer is complaining about and make a case for an adequate compensation

Negotiate hard with the business, handle push-backs with clear, solid reasons

Close the case with a positive outcome for the customer


-Part time student or part time worker looking to make some extra cash or finess  their skills (for example undergraduate skills studying law)


Commisson for any case won.

Company shares and profit shares based on performance

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