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Standing up for customers rights! Always!

Who we are

PutitRight is an innovative start-up initiative focused on resolving consumer disputes in three simple steps:

1. Tell us your problem (what happened, name of the business) as well as your expectations 

2. We will work with the business to get money back or ensure they award you adequate gestures of godwill 

3. Inform you of the outcome 


Who will work on your case? 

We call them advisors: these are real people who have a passion for fairness and consumer rights. They have honed their skills on the field, winning personal cases against suppliers who have been unfair to them. 

Today, they have decided to make their expertise available to the world.  Our platform will work the magic and match your case to the most suitable advisor available in our resource pool, based on the complaint type, advisor experience in dealing with similar complaints. 



No Win- No Fee model

  • We are a no-win-no fee service. If we win we would normally take 20% of the your complaint value (money back, gestures of goodwill value). This is mainly to reward our advisors, for the work they have successfully done for you


Why are we different from the competition? 

Other companies provide you this service free of charge and forever! Amazing you may say! But is there any catch? They make a living from collecting, aggregating and analysing consumer complaint data and then turn it into consumer complaint insight they sell back to the very same companies you are complaining about. We are fully on the consumer side, with no other vested interest! Hence why we take a small cut, we dont financially depend on the businesses who have caused  you stress and reason to complain in the first place!


What's next?

All clear? If so we cant wait for hearing your bad stories.... and turn them with our magic wands into success stories.

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